Super Space Rogues

Super Space Rogues 1.0.0

A retro space trading/shoot 'em up game


  • Fun and easy to play
  • Combines combat with some strategy
  • Great background music


  • No save!


Super Space Rogues is a fun 2D trading/shoot 'em up game. It begins with your character owing a lot of money to an angry alien overlord, then deciding to try and pay up rather than face the consequences.

Using the WASD keys to move, and the mouse to aim, fire and interact, you must scour the universe for minerals to mine, and planets to sell what you've found. Most planets have a trading ship where you can sell minerals, as well as refuel, fix and upgrade your ship.

You need to make 50,000 credits, which wouldn't be so hard, but space is full of pirates, and is a dangerous place to be. That means spending lots of your money on ship upgrades, and repairs whenever you can. There is no save game, and reaching your target might take a couple of hours. As a result, upgrading your armor and always being prepared for a fight with pirates is essential. Dying after an hour is very annoying!

It's not just action though, and a lot of Super Space Rogues is actually quite relaxing. The game is accompanied by nice ambient music, and just exploring space can be quite hypnotic even if the graphics are pretty retro.

It's a shame there's no save game, but Super Space Rogues is still an enjoyable little arcade shooter.

Super Space Rogues


Super Space Rogues 1.0.0

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